What does led mean on kik

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I am impressed by the direction Kik has taken in navigating the ocean of chatbots and AI in the so called post-app world. But, as a self-claimed product personI took a swing at it to help me hone my product intuition. My fascination with and experience in the conversation products space made we want to think a lot more about the core product of Kik. I came up with four situations where I would rethink the product decisions made if I were in a position to rethink and act on them. This post will only make sense if you have used Kik before. Situation one. By having this workflow, the user will likely go through two things —.

I would meet with the deers to discuss how to let users sync their contacts without disturbing the homescreen and still educating them on who was added on their Kik friends list from the phone book. I would bring up two ideas I have —. I think I understand the rationale behind having new friends get populated in the homescreen. The homescreen serves as both inbox and a contacts list since there is no dedicated friends screen the way Whatsapp has. The blue nudges a user to start new conversations. I get that but there has to be a better way of achieving similar outcomes.

The welcome message of the Kik Team bot le me to believe that the scope of this bot entails everything about Kik. As a developer, I might ask questions about building a bot. As a user, I might ask questions about doing different what does led mean on kik. It feels like this bot runs on a trigger-based spreheet wherein a specific keyword fetches an answer from a pool of answers. I was a bit surprised here that product teams at Kik chose to only rely on users typing their queries here.

All third-party bots on Kik rely on buttons to avoid as much reliance on NLP as possible.

What does led mean on kik

I would consider either using the button-model here or extracting keywords out of user inputs and sending the user three or four buttons wherein each specifies a certain path. Using a simple NLP framework here to handle simple queries might be very effective. Getting answers that are clearly not helpful could lead to bad UX. One thing that I have realized when it comes to bot interactions is that most people will be happy if the bot says something that somewhat relevant or throws back a question to narrow down the domain.

I would meet with both de and engineering teams to discuss whether we want to use NLP framework or do a buttons-driven conversational flow. The outcome of landing on the profile for Kik Support is what I expected. Nothing feels off about that.

What does led mean on kik

But, how I got there confused me. I would meet with both de and engineering teams for discussing this. The random popping up of screen does not feel like a de-driven decision. It feels like an engineering-driven choice for switching contexts maybe? When I go to the chat screen with one of my friends, the icon below is situated at the top right corner of the screen. The plus le me to think I am adding someone or something to the chat conversation. But, it actually le to user profile. Generally, in messaging and social apps, that location is reserved for icons that lead to user profile.

When I see the plusI get a bit curious and. But, once I click on it, I get a bit disappointed since the icon led me to believe otherwise. in.

What does led mean on kik

If I were on the product team at Kik. Sar Haribhakti Follow. For the most part, a blue dot on a chat thread means it has an unread message. Having that blue dot on every single new thread of every new friend that just got added increases the cognitive load. If a new user has too many friends, on her phonebook, who have Kik installed, it gets overwhelming to see so many new thre pop up in a couple seconds. The actual conversations that a user might have had get buried deep down in the inbox.

By having this workflow, the user will likely go through two things — A user might want to continue the conversations that he or she was having before the sync and will scroll down to find the actual, useful thre. A user might start deleting every new thread one by one.

What does led mean on kik

There is no option for deletion of multiple thre at once. This creates unnecessary work for a user. This wont disturb existing thre and will inform users of the new additions. I would not include the blue since that gives me the impression that something is unread. Have a new screen within the app for showing who was added. Situation two The welcome message of the Kik Team bot le me to believe that the scope of this bot entails everything about Kik. Situation three. A collection of my thoughts on bots This is running list of pieces I have written so far on bots. A contents of sorts. Generally a quiet person.

Except when I write. Chatbots Magazine Follow. Written by Sar Haribhakti Follow.

What does led mean on kik What does led mean on kik

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If I were on the product team at Kik