Weird japanese sex toys

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We spend probably far too much of our time scouring Japanese porn news, parsing gravure idol developments, and checking out the latest kinds of Japanese adult toys to hit the market. We have collected together ten examples of strange, wacky, unusual but still awesome Japanese adult toys that you just have to try at least once.

Sure, they are mighty odd in various ways, but they are nonetheless expertly crafted to introduce you to a whole new dimension of pleasure. For a totally different kind of penetration, the Blue Frame Amagake Airship Masturbator is inspired by the nostalgic model battleships from your youth. If you preferred naval models, try the Uminari version. Moving onto dildos, the Sweet Corn Cock Dildo is frankly as outlandish yet damned effective as its name suggests. All right, now we are entering controversial and more specialist territory.

The Chintama Mini Penis Panties are as unique as they sound: panties to wear over your balls and glans. Sadly no longer available, the Realistic Ashikoki Footjob Onahole delighted footjob fetishists everywhere. Also now sold out what is it with these ones?! Unfortunately, this one is also now sold out weird japanese sex toys we reckon has made its indelible mark on adult toy history.

We have some other ideas but figured it would be too much to introduce them all here. Nonetheless, be sure to check out the Debu-sen Masturbator if you are into chubby Japanese girls, the various anemone-themed sex toys floating around out there, Shotaro fetish itemstentacle sex fantasy toys, and the incredible world of futanari sex. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time Weird japanese sex toys comment.

Ten crazy Japanese adult toys you have to try at least once November 6, by Tadashi Anahori. Experience simultaneous handjob and vaginal penetration with the Nigi!! Newnew Onahole is a stunning catgirl fetish masturbator blending hard and soft textures. Post Old man filmed jerking off to Japanese high school girl on public train. Weekly Newsletter. Recent Posts. Olympic athletes and visitors to Tokyo now online and looking to date locals.

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Weird japanese sex toys

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