Wam kink

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Wam kink

It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. A 26M looking for wam slaves 26M looking for wam slaves. Been busy writing and editing back work. I wrote this one late Enjoy.

Big thanks to sswishbone for editing duties and helping with layout and punctuation. All written content is copyright of Mr Andrew A Satin Survival. Been a while since I put a trailer to one of the stories, so here are the first couple of chapter to Satin Survival.

Chapter One: It's been too long. Even though she was busy at the hospital, she quickly glanced at it. It read Nor can the work be re-sold without prior agreement. Wam kink rights reserved. All characters in this story are make believe and do not portray anybody in the real world. Special thanks go out to A Bin Bag. This work is copyright to Mr Andrew Wilcock and may not be reproduced in any other form with out prior permission.

Chapter one. God life needs more mess. The messy scene had A Dirty and Disgusting. Chapter one: Jenny sat talking to Steve, wam kink the kitchen table, in their little house. It is a very pristine and well kept place. Yet, they keep one room for submissive messy play. This room, well, it is an utter mess! The walls are splattered with custard, paint on the ceiling, no carpet A Dirty Demise Part Two. I've changed the layout, so it's printer friendly.

A Dirty Demise Part One. Alison opened her on the train, life in the train kitchen had been ok, but she missed the events. The day out with Karen, Heidi and the rest of the gang had taken her messy submissive side to new heights. She had a session in the dungeon where you had fucked her covered in food, she had A Farm Fuck! Farm Fuck! Jenny knew what she had put herself in for, she wanted everything off her boyfriend, she had not had sex for a week being away on a training course. He had promised her a new satin outfit for destruction in. She was wam kink wearing wam kink, a pale blue blouse with full sleeves and black satin A The Phantom!

The office is saved! Several weeks of intensive dealings are over, yourself and the girls have a new backer and the ing business is moving ahead with a new company. It was a tense time for all, you have worked late. You made sacrifices for the girls and the company. When they were home A Annihilating Alison Pt2 Whilst round the back of the cross your right hand positions over Alison's gunged vagina, you slip several fingers in and start to slowly masturbate her, Alison once again reels, breathing all over the place, you feel her spread her legs for you to give you more room to masturbate her, slowly A Annihilating Alison Pt1 You are meeting Alison for a session she is to be tied to the cross at the dungeon and destroyed, you have ordered her a new 'How Dare You', style outfit.

A satin cream blouse, full sleeve with front bow, knee length black pin stripe skirt, also black high heels. Alison is not allowed any A The Tiswas Cage. You are entering the cage, it's a Tiswas special, you've been invited on as a guest, you enter the studio and notice the lights in the ceiling etc.

You pass the camera's and the presenters. You look at the cage for the first time, you note the gunk dispenser above, most likely full of Tiswas M WAM Dares?

Wam kink

So Please give me some kind of dare, and since I am very new to this please be easy on me. Those I valuate as too hard I will just Anyone else with a Splosh fetish?? I remember seeing a quick freeview preview of a programme that was about to air on Television X where naked girls would cover each other in gooey and messy foodstuffs.

Wam kink

I though this was brilliant and realised which I used to get hard every time I watched a custard pie fight on TV Ever since Top Bottom.

Wam kink

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Wet and messy fetishism