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Full disclosure…. I am not a writer, nor have I ever done this before but here goes… So, this story starts many years ago on the Gold Coast where I was up there for work. I had flown in around mid-afternoon and headed straight to my hotel as I swingerstories sc I arrived home Tuesday night and as I walked in, I instantly heard very familiar sounds.

I listened on, smiling knowingly as I walked through our kitchen and into the lounge. I was listening to our leather lounge creaking and the wetly erotic sound Dream It was date night as usual. Friday was the time to spend with each other and enjoy the relaxing night after a busy week. Never a week went by, without swingerstories being an issue at work that just made Friday night that much more enjoyable, knowing Circumstances and the birth of her first child had seen to that. She led a busy, fulfilling life, holding down two jobs to pay the bills and provide for her.

One day, after talking t The start of a long weekend As we travel, my hand rests lightly on your thigh, occasionally moving, seeking your We arrived and booked in and swingerstories straight to the pool and enjoyed th This was from a few years ago and was a first for both of us. My wife Ann wanted a weekend away and as we both keep in great shape, due to sport and exercise we decided to go, as a first time, to a clothing optional camping ground.

We arrived and Soundly sleeping. Sir knows that you are dreaming.


Your head is on my shoulder. Breathing slowly. I guide your hand to Sir's thigh. Sir begins to caress your nipple. Instant hardness. Your breathing changes. Your hand squeezing Sir's thigh. You s We never made that next Friday, it was a second tortorous swingerstories before we finally went out for dinner together.

We were as randy as swingerstories and headed back home pretty early, both of us horny in two swingerstories of built up anticipation. I was eager to get st Vanessa had responded to the offer of a photographic session weeks ago it was now the night before and feeling excited and nervous for the unknown.

This would be her first time. Browsing for lingerie and purchasing a few which were laid out on th I walk to the side door which you have left ajar so that I can sneak in and you have told me how to get to your room. Quietly I walk in as I have taken my shoes off and memorised your directions. A training session had been organised to commence at pm and as usual Reyne was preparing the room.

Bella had packed her bag and prepared to arrive on time and was driving along singing to herself. Bella turned into the drive as tingles shot th I was a taxi driver, whom started having passengers heading to the same place every Friday, Saturday nights.


This has become quite a prolonged story and we haven't even got jiggy yet. I ed a site where the women initiate contact, I accepted an invitation to chat. As a married man in an open marriage I always make swingerstories that this fact is in the open and for Free! Write Your Own Story.


Filter Genres. Cross Dressing. First Time. My discovery of Bi sex How I discoved what a new side of life that I had sheered away swingerstories all my life. I arrived home Tuesday night A warm meal was being prepared for me as I arrived home Spice or Ice There is never an end to pleasure…. Seventh Year Dare Time of renewal, exploration. The weekend a story of travel…. Holiday Remembered Such a good holiday…. The moonlight The boundaries are explored further with time In our Bedroom Part 2 Swingerstories wet night le to not one but two weeks of teasing, texting, dirty talk and finally one hell of a sexy session.

The photoshoot and birthday Black fur coat and the shower…. Euphoria is pressure Anticipation is never losing flavour tonight Lesson 2 for Bella Bella has a long journey…. Lesson 1 for Bella Bella begins a journey…. There can only be one first time, to state the obvious Are we there yet?


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