Sex dungeons nyc

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Sex dungeons nyc

Come and play in one of our 7 exotic luxurious rooms. Our facility is sex dungeons nyc collective of amazing Dommes and submissive's striving to build trust in a safe and healthy environment. for Waiver of Liability Agreement. In order to comply with the city and state mandate, all customers and employees are required to wear facial coverings while in our facility.

We appreciate your partnership in helping keep our community safe. Lux Aurora. Mayhem Melodie. Nina Mar. Sarah Moon. Sasha Rose. We currently are by appointment only and open Monday through Friday pm to 7pm. We will discuss with you all of our safety procedures and precautions sex dungeons nyc take as well as our pricing for your particular session.

Now go down steps carefully and stop at the plastic doorway. Wait for the Manager to come to you do not enter through plastic and manager will scan for temperature. Manager will be fully protected wearing mask and face guard. Place each foot in the shoe protector dispenser. This will stop all germs from your shoes entering our facility. Our Manager will do a visual scan of you and check to ensure physical s of health. A health questionnaire and a liability waiver must be ed.

Beautiful rooms, great equipment, sexy mood lighting and the most beautiful skilled Dommes in the world. Our innovative way of using plastic wrap will help protect us all. Think of the plastic as a flexible plexiglass that can cover anything! All the gear you need will now be in your room. Want something special? Your Domme will use our new intercom system to have the manager bring your special item as we do not want the Domme to leave the room. Our equipment is cleaned and sterilized after each use using many different methods including our new dishwasher.

After each session the room will be sanitized using a UV-C Sanitizing light for 15 minutes. This will kill all bacteria and viruses that might be in the air. Enter our bathroom with handsfree lights, handsfree faucet and soap dispensers.

You can shower before or after your session. We provide you with your own personal soap, toothbrush and a fresh clean towel. Please throw away your mask, gloves and shoe protectors in the garbage pail provided upstairs on you way out. Membership fee is required. This is very unique for Manhattan. An elevator is available if needed as well as our facility is handicap accessible. In reality it refers to a huge range of activities! Someone interested in BDSM might be interested in one or more fetishes, corporal punishment, physical stimulation with ice or hot wax — being restrained, humiliated, or costumed — or perhaps just ordered to do as told.

Our professionals are trained and highly skilled, both to choreograph an unforgettable experience incorporating your favorite activities AND to ensure the safety and sanity of all those involved. We can accommodate both veteran players and nervous novices. Every day our Mistresses deliver the cerebral experience of letting go — and embracing your kink! Read on to learn what to expect from our professional Mistresses — and what they in turn expect from you! Dominants are in charge of orchestrating BDSM fantasies for submissives — and themselves of course.

Sex dungeons nyc

When a Mistress takes a dominant role she is to be viewed as superior. She will exude confidence and direct activities as she sees fit. She maintains control throughout the scene, ensuring that all interests are addressed within reason while respecting any and all limits established by the submissive. This involves a brief, honest, and direct discussion about what the submissive wants, and does not want. Not all Dominants are the same. While many possess a wide range of skills and interests, some may specialize — as a strict disciplinarian, a humiliatrix, medical specialist, latex fetishist, bondage, corporal, genitorturer, etc.

Beyond that, you may find your Mistress to be cold, sex dungeons nyc and calculating — or loving, caring and funny, even. Or maybe all of those at once! Be aware that most Dominants also have boundaries — activities or styles of play they may prefer not to engage in for one reason or another. For a submissive, however, it is not enough to simply do these things; they want to have these things done to them, or at least be led through it — with the illusion of loss of control.

Submissives need a dominant to do this for them, while respecting their limits. For example, they may ask not to be left with marks, not to be blindfolded, or to avoid certain words or activities that they find problematic. This is known as consensual power exchange — a key element of BDSM. Some submissives know their desires and can almost write a script describing what they want to do.

Others may enjoy a range of activities, or still be evolving. Some enjoy dressing up, others may prefer being in their birthday suits. Variety is the spice of life. Sometimes, a dominant wants to see what it feels like from the submissive perspective, or a Submissive may want to be in charge, turning the tables on the dominant — or just enjoying a different set of activities.

A switch scene might include taking turns spanking each other, tying each other up, or engaging in fetish play. As in all BDSM scenes, successful play is built on mutual trust. Following the discussion, the Dominant will then usually take a few moments to prepare, before initiating the session — and delivering a tailored, unique scene incorporating the desired activities while respecting the submissives limits and the Sex dungeons nyc own boundaries. Giving detailed, honest feedback is always the best policy. If you seek truly an unforgettable kinky experience then you should seek a session with one of our highly trained pro-dommes or submissives.

Whether you are complete newbies or seasoned players, come and realize your fantasy in one of our spacious decadent rooms. We have plenty of equipment and toys to keep you very busy, expanding your dark horizons. We would be delighted to show you the ropes, both literally and figuratively speaking, and push your understanding and senses to new heights. However, if you are too shy or just want a beautiful, spacious environment for a very private and safe tete-a-tete play, you are welcome to rent one of our lovely rooms.

We are happy to accommodate any level of your comfort and curiosity. All of our rooms are thoroughly disinfected thoughout the day and we comply with all CDC safety and cleaning reccomendations.

Sex dungeons nyc

Our priority is for the safetey of our clients and Dommes. Rubber mackintoshes, cleaning gloves, Wellington boots, medical aprons, gas masks and more have all been for practical purposes first, and subsequently fetishized transformed into objects of desire.

Sex dungeons nyc

The swish of rubber on skin delights many, seduces others and becomes a second skin for the true rubberists. PVC outfits provide fun in all colors and sizes for roleplay, while tighter rubber garments can create a form of bondage for the wearer. From animal skins to industrial workwear and high fashion — leather provides a mysterious appeal to those who succumb to it. The scent, the touch of a high quality piece, the sensation of bondage gear laced tightly or boots pulled slowly up a pair of long legs; leather entices all senses.

Latex can be transformative, providing an alternate identity, either for exhibitionism or personal pleasure. Visually stimulating when shined, worn skin-tight or as flowing cape, it is a sensual material to be worn in various ways for every imaginable occasion. Special care must be sex dungeons nyc to latex clothing, but the ritual of washing and re-applying shine can be a part of the intrigue for latex wearers. Rubber dolls, masked vixens and submissives vacuumed tightly can all be found in a true latex fetish community.

Facebook-f Twitter Instagram. Legendary NY Playspace. Located In The Heart of. Chelsea, NY. Us. Chinese Torture. As you crawl before your Master, your eyes attempting to focus you will realize your fate has already been sealed. Back and Better Than Ever. The Classroom.

Sex dungeons nyc

For Couples. Rent a room to explore your darkest desires with your partner. The Chelsea Precinct. The Medical Chamber. Couples and new subs are welcomed, and treated with the utmost attention and care. View Our Blog for Schedule and Updates. Moxie-Special Guest. Lilith V. Sky Terrapin. Isabella Sinclaire. Bella Bloodlust. Lady Victoria.

Sex dungeons nyc

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