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After my surgery with a particular doctor I was really devastated for the outcome.

Missj forum

Missj forum was angry for the surgeon as well because I did not feel that he was ethical in his approaches. In Novemberthere was a hot debate on a particular message board forum about another plastic surgery message board PlasticSurgerySpot messageboard I used to frequent.

During this hot debate on this particular message board criticising PlasticSurgerySpot message board MissJ ed me and told me that PlasticSurgerySpot message board ed a video clip on youtube which was created by Fox News. Paul Nassif who was my surgeon who left me unhappy, Dr. Dean Toriumi and Dr. Jack Gunther. I mean the clip itself is from Fox News and called: 'Nose Job do-overs' and it shows a of docs, is NOT solely about Nassif and that's not the real name of the clip.

Nassif, 2-When she knew that I like frequenting PlasticSurgerySpot 3-And when there was a hot debate about PlasticSurgerySpot on another competing message board MissJ was aware that I was in a devastated state after my surgery with Missj forum.

Nassif and she was aware that I would have reacted to her message. Unfortunately for her, I did not criticise or backstabbed PlasticSurgerySpot message board. PlasticSurgerySpot is one of the best and highly patient oriented message boards I ever came across. Miss J, you're a knowledgeable honest and hardworking person who have helped countless people, don't let idiots like those get to you, at the end of the day it's was you really did that counts, not what some pathetic loser would falsely say about you. As to your link of PSS being criticized: Your an idiot.

But you did under the screen names; "Rhinovise" and "wellness". Guess what? Robyn QUIT even being a mod after that thread and you, the coward, member 'Rskull' on her board, had to make up 2 new screen names to say anything on it. You are a pathetic whiner. Even Rate MDs banned a lot of his screen names he was abusing their boards with. You've got to be stupid not to realize that. They even announced they had to delete a whole thread in part due to a patient using multi-ids on it to defame a doctor.

You knew they were referring to you or are you that stupid not to realize that???? Not even a CLUE given to you, 'clue' meaning mention that PSS titled a video clip about a of doctors 'Nassif' even clued you in that they might not be too receptive to multiple complaints from multiple ids of yours about Nassif.

You know how stupid that sounds to be complaining about someone who tried to give you a CLUE that your actions on there might not be welcome by the missj forum. Imagine that, Miss J tries to give you a CLUE that PSS might not be to receptive in housing multiple ID complaints from you pretending to be different people griping about Nassif by pointing out they selected to rename a video about many doctors; 'Nassif'.

Probably so. But surprise surprise. They don't. None of the PS boards do.

Missj forum

Why don't you just whine to the world under MORE multi-IDs and tell them how terrible it is that message board owners won't let you missj forum with zillion different IDs to pretend to be a zillion different people all complaining about Nassif or Miss J. Oh and for the record, your e-mail which you crossed out is: [ protected] or: [ protected]. It's : [ protected] or: [ protected]. Hi folks. The above complaint is missj forum the Multple ID user from Malta. He is not that bright. He thinks that if he uses different screen names which he does to lodge his whining complaints about Nassifall the people reading them will be as DUMB as he is not to notice they are all coming from the same person, him.

He abuses message boards by ing up with multiple screen names to give the appearance he is 'many people' all with the same whining complaint about Nassif. Like one name will be used to drop a link to his complaints. Another will be used to comment on how he's not a patient of Nassif but he would not go there. Then other names are used to complain that posts of "other people" complaining about Nassif were removed.

Missj forum

Then maybe 3 of his other names will get on to talk to themselves about Nassif. His screen name on Plastic Surgery Spot is "Rskull". He had other ones there but the admin smartened up and totally NOTICED that he was using a lot of multi- IDs as to pretend to be 'other people' defaming Nassif and had to delete a good thread on who are the Best Docs in addition to removing some of his screen names.

He uses them all to call attention to his Missj forum complaint. With each review of Nassif, he got on with many screen names to leave nasty comments. Even the mod from rate MDs banned his many screen names and deleted many of his comments. He is a member there but he knows Miss J's board is where the smart patients are. With smart posters, he would not have a chance to missj forum to DUPE them as he does to other posters with his multi-ids.

Besides Miss J 'outs' people engaging in willful misrepresentation. Get this--he thinks 'Nassif made them do it'. How stupid can you get to think the doctor 'pays' the mods to remove his posts or the lawyer 'threatens' them to do so. He was told that private time and attention to his cosmetic issues and in his case additional access to legal advice lawyers from Harvard Berkman center of internet law was not a "free" service but a fee based one. Let him solicit a PS for free services and see where that gets him.

Miss J freely volunteers her time and knowledge on public message boards but makes very clear on every post she makes: "No Private Mail Please. Private time and focus towards your specific problem is not an extension of my participation here. Only a from MALTA would not understand that and instead think it as an 'invitation' to e-mail Miss J for private access to free consulting services. Plastic Surgery File a complaint. Share Report Copy. T Truth36 This review was posted by a verified customer.

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Missj forum

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