Mimi rogers breast reduction

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Were Mimi's original large breasts fake? This question is bothering me because I just saw her in an episode of Magnum, P. If the IMDB birthday is correct, she was 26 when she filmed that episode. She is wearing different styles of clothing in many scenes, and, throughout, her breasts look just slightly above average in size.

They are definitely not huge. And I don't know any females whose breasts grew substantially large in their mid to late 20's. Maybe, if she had children and breastfed this could have affected their size, but Mimi didn't have kids till after Anyway, byshe is definitely renowned for her very large breasts, as she showed them to the world in the movie "Full Body Massage". And, we know she had them for many, many years before and also after. Then, not too long ago, she is publicly announcing that she has had breast reduction surgery to change her from a 34DD to a 34D actually, she looked more like a 34DDD to me.

Mimi is quoted as saying she did the surgery for cosmetic reasons she was tired of her following her own breasts when entering a room So, I am a bit confused. In at age 26, she looked like a 34D. No larger. I think her "breast reduction" surgery was simply "implant removal" surgery and probably a breast lift. I would love someone who has seen her in the Magnum episode or something else during that same time period to let me know what you think. No way was she a 34DD in unless she tied her breasts down! And I can't see any reason for her doing that for the benefit of the "babe" she played on Magnum, either.

You seem really sure. BTW, there were rumors she was dating Tom Selleck at the time that episode was filmed. But that's just an FYI, and has nothing to do with her cup size Ain't it grand that we can have a critical intellectual discourse on such a monumental subject?

Women's bust sizes do change in later life, some people believe. And not just because of childbirth or huge weight gain. There has been a web community dedicated to it and everything big breasts for 20 years called bearchive. It was filmed in but broadcast in ' A large tool shed was emptied and redecorated to look like the bar Rick managed in the early seasons. They just carried a bar in, placed a few tables and chairs, added the lights and boom microphones and they filmed away.

I recall Mimi Rogers being there I recall two other things about Mimi Rogers. They were real and they were spectacular. I have no idea why her bust appeared ificantly smaller in the episode you mentioned, but the day I saw her, they were swinging unencumbered under some kinda loose cotton top. I was obviously impressed. Check out the movie Full Body Massage - Rogers at her best. Well since you saw Mimi during that time period, in person, it's tough to argue with that type of first-hand.

I am thinking that maybe because her character in the Magnum episode was that of a respectable, Drama prof. She was definitely playing a conservative, "good" girl or woman, ratherand, of course, her character did have the standard, romantic interlude mimi rogers breast reduction Mr. Magnum, etc. And he wouldn't go for a floozy! There are plenty of tricks they can do with clothing and bras to make mimi rogers breast reduction appear less endowed, if necessary. I guess the mystery may never be solved, but I am very grateful for your eye-witness feedback.

I'm pretty sure you're correct mfalcon. I'd bet producers "toned down" Rogers', shall we say "fleshy charms", for that particular episode. At a few times, I stood no further than two or three feet from her and I can tell you she was really an attractive woman. Not exactly what could be called "classically beautiful" but she had just an electric, smolderingly sexy presence.

Sadly, I never had the nerve to talk to her. Now to Selleck. He couldn't have been more friendly, outgoing and engaging with people hanging around the set to watch filming. He had a huge Winnebago that was used as his "dressing room" and he could have retreated to that if he wanted to avoid interacting with people but he didn't. He'd walk up to somebody, myself included, strike up a conversation, autographs and joke around with bystanders. No "celebrity diva" attitude whatsoever. Well, jet, it is reassuring to know that great minds think alike, regarding Mimi's conservative dress in that Magnum episode.

I think Ms. Rogers, like many stars, has that invisible yet magical aura that makes her different than the rest of us mere mortals. She certainly was involved with several, high profile, extremely famous men during her heyday men who could literally have mimi rogers breast reduction woman they choseso they must have agreed with you about her smoldering sexy presence!

I absolutely adore your comments on Selleck. He is a true star, and it is wonderful to see him have so much success in his career, even today. I love hearing about him being approachable and kind to his fans. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I am currently addicted to watching all of the Magnum episodes on Starz. They are a lot of fun, and perhaps I was too young and much to busy with the drama in my own life to appreciate them completely when they originally aired in the 80's.

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Mimi rogers breast reduction

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