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Accidentally removed some ificant Kik files from your Kik chat history? The mistaken deletion of phone content that should not kik convos deleted always happens, Kik files are no exception. The messages and images in Kik chat history mean a lot to users, then how to recover deleted Kik messages and pictures if you encountered this misfortune?

This article is going to share with you easy and effective ways to recover deleted Kik messages or pictures on Android phones. Keep reading and get the methods to get lost or deleted Kik messages and images effortlessly.

Many users may not know that Kik Messenger will auto-save the last messages in a conversation for at least 48 hours and messages that exist for more than 2 days. If you accidentally deleted some messages or pictures records with someone, maybe your friend or colleague, you can ask them to check the Kik history on his or her phone and sent you again.

Kik convos

Here are the steps:. Here we recommend you one of the best Android data recovery — PhoneRescue for Android data recovery. Since it will bring you great convenience and lots of benefits. Prior to following the below steps of recovering deleted Kik messages and pictures on Android, download and install PhoneRescue for Android and run it afterward.

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Kik convos

Check the datait will select all by default, uncheck all, and select App Documents and click the Next button. Generally, making a Kik backup regularly will minimize the lost risk of your Kik messages. Known for all, backup sure takes lots of space on phones and would slow down the phone working stream. Therefore, easily backing up Kik messages to the computer or choosing a reliable third-party tool to keep the Kik data will be good. Now you may want to meet AppTransa tool that not only can it back up your Kik messages on the phone, but also supports transfer apps between different phonesrestore app and app data from various backups, and install apps kik convos may need in an easy way.

Furthermore, it can make WhatsApp data migration between Android and iPhone possible. Hope you can get back your deleted Kik messages and pictures from your Android phone with the above 3 methods. Nobody wants to lose important data, thus it is necessary to regularly backup your phone content in case of data loss. Just give it a try on PhoneRescuethe sooner kik convos turn to it for help, the bigger chance you will recover what you want. Product-related questions?

Joy Taylor Last Updated: Apr. Method 1. Recover from Kik History Method 2. Recover from Android Backup Method 3. Recover from Android Phone Directly. App Backup Overview.

Kik convos

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Kik convos

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How to recover Kik messages from an iPhone