Kik commands

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Commands List of the various commands you can use with your Ragebot, and what they do. Tap the commands to expand them and view the explanation beneath it.

Kik commands

For Premium Rage commands, tap here. Admins are never affected by any restrictions that Rage imposes on users and they'll never get kicked by Rage. This color indicates that everyone can use the command unless "Permissions" is set to 3 or 4. This color indicates that only admins can use the command. This color indicates that it is a PM-only command. Friend [PM command]. Friend usage: Friend With friend command, you essentially be-friend Rage. This command has to be typed in a private message with Rage before you can add it to any groups. Rage should reply with a confirmation.

For more detailed instructions you can read the step-by-step guide here. Ping usage: Ping works in PM too Ragebot responds with "pong". This is the best way to check if Ragebot is still running, or if it's temporarily down. Usage usage: Usage works in PM too With usage you can view all kik commands commands for Ragebot and a short explanation of their functions, along with some extra information at the bottom. Use this feature if you cannot remember a command. Set rules. When new people the group, they will automatically be greeted by the rules.

Kik commands

Everyone can view the rules by typing "rules" in the group chat, but only admins can set or delete them. You set up rules by typing "set rules" followed by any text you want as the rules. Please keep in mind it has to be typed in one sentence, like on the screenshot above - not in two seperate posts. You can type "rules" to check that it looks like you want it to. If you want to delete them again, type "delete rules" - only admins can do this. You can also set the rules to call a kik bot. Delete all admin deletes all admin substitutions - be careful!

You can replace " trigger " and " response " with any text. With substitutions you can program Rage to give a text response to what you type by using an arrow. There are two types of substitutions, and therefore two types of arrows. This means that anyone can create it, trigger it, overwrite it and delete it. BUT normal users can still trigger kik commands substitutions. Note: the "Permissions" command will affect how users can interact with substitutions. So when someone in the group types "Trigger", Ragebot will respond with "Response".

Note: The only cases where you cannot set up a substitution is if the trigger part of the substitution exceeds characters, or if its a word that's already used kik commands a Ragebot command or you're trying to set up an admin substitution whilst not being an admin You also cannot create a normal substitution if there already exists an admin substitution by the same trigger. Substitutions are not case-sensitive. We will provide more examples below.

Kik commands

Here we are setting up multiple kik commands. Here you see how they work in function. With the "list" command, you can view the list of substitutions - although it will only list the first part the trigger and not the response. The list will display both normal substitutions and admin substitutions. If your list is too long to display all substitutions, you can type "list 2", "list 3" and so on to view the remaining ones. If you want to delete a substitution, you will need to type "delete trigger", with "trigger" being whatever the substitution is called. If you want to delete all admin substitutions, type "delete all admin" instead.

Rage will list all of the substitutions it has deleted - for a very limited time, you can type "undo" and it will undo the deletion. The "delete all" and "delete all admin" are both admin-only commands - so you don't need to worry about non-admins doing this. Roll [New]. This introduces a whole new way of using Ragebot, and works more or less the same way as the roll bot - it was created as an alternative for when roll was down. All aspects of roll kik commands be used in substitutions, set rules and set goodbye. Because this feature can be a little confusing, we are going to be mainly demonstrating the use through screenshots.

It can be any between As can be seen in the screenshot above, this can be used in a substitution as well. Here you are rolling 2 dice with 7 sides each. Ragebot will tell you what each die resulted in, along with the total sum when combined. This can also be done with multiple dice. Just like example, you can type "roll d7 - 5" to roll a die with 7 sides, and substracting 5 from the total sum. The - 5 can be replaced with any. Roll who By typing "roll who is awesome? Any question can be asked this way, such as "roll who should do the laundry?

Kik commands

You separate the options by typing "or" between them. This does present a whole new way of utilizing Ragebot, as you can now set up one substitution to provide multiple different responses. We might provide some more advanced examples of how this can be used in the future. Note: you cannot use a new line anywhere when setting up multiple options for Ragebot to pick between. Everything has to be written in one paragraph. GIF [New]. With gif you can get Ragebot to post a gif from one of the top 50 of your search term from Tenor gifs, which is similar to how Kik gifs work.

It works the same way that the gif bot worked before the developer shut it down. This allows for new entertaining ways for Rage to interact with members through media. If you type "gif kitty" Ragebot will post a random gif from the top 50 of the "kitty" search term on Tenor. Any search term can be kik commands, but we are using "kitty" and "cat" as examples here.

Every time someone types "cat", Rage will post a gif of a cat.

Kik commands

Note: Ragebot has to be out of Kik Jail in order to post gifs, and it's not possible to set it to post a specific gif. Important: if you only just added Ragebot into your group, we recommend you wait a day or two before enabling this feature so Ragebot has time to accumulate a correct list of who is talking and who isn't.

Otherwise it might kick people who were talking shortly before it was added to the group. You can change the max group member capacity by typing "48 mode cap 47", or any other. By default, this is set to 48, so for most groups this step is unnecessary.

Setting the cap does not automatically enable 48 mode. To kik commands 48 mode, simply type "48 mode on". When enabled, it will go into effect once a new person s the group while it is near the cap.

Kik commands

Note: keep in mind that this cannot increase your actual group member limit. It begins accumulating the talkers and activity data to the lists from the moment it has been added to the group - it cannot view talkers and activity data from before it was added.

Also keep in mind that when you use the "Import all" command, it will pull the data for talkers and activity from the last backup and thus overwrite any current data. This can result in seemingly inaccurate times. Additionally, in some cases Rage will still display the names of users who've left the group - they'll show up in the bottom of the lists with as the time. This is a known glitch and it should disappear eventually as new people the group. With talkers you can get Rage to display a list of when people last talked. It'll display the list kik commands days, hours:minutes:seconds format, with the top kik commands the list being those who talked the most recently.

This is the information that is used for the "48 mode" command. If you have a slot group, you can type "talkers more" to see the rest of the list. When someone s the group, they will be placed at top of talkers so they don't get booted before they have a chance to speak. With activity you can get Rage to display a list of when people were last active reading the group.

It'll display the list in days, hours:minutes:seconds format, with the top of the list being those who viewed the group most recently.

Kik commands

Rage relies on read reciepts for it to detect users reading - so if you don't use Rage often enough then it doesn't have a way of detecting whether or not people are reading along. We recommend getting your group chat to use substitutions frequently in order to maintain an accurate activity list. If you have a slot group, you can type "activity more" to see the rest of the list.

If a users talkers and activity time matches or is roughly around the same time it means that they participate in talking when they read the group.

Kik commands

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