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I'm in a relationship join sex club we are very curious about possibly ing a club like this near us. With the secretive nature of a place like this not much information is available. I feel like our first couple of times there, especially the very first time would be extremely awkward. What is it generally like the first time you a club like this? What should we expect at the club once we actually do ? What are the events generally like? Is there an Initiation fee plus a per event cover charge, if so on average what would the cost of these things be?

Clubs have websites, which are typically pretty informative, what to expect, fees, dress code, BYOB, whether or when single guys are present, etc. There is a membership fee and an event fee. You only get details, such as precise club location, after contacting them on their website.

There may be phone screening involved. BYOB, although water and soft drinks are normally free.

Join sex club

Tip your barkeep! No phones. You will usually get a locker. Leave your phone there. There should never be any pressure to participate in any activity. Ground rules about where you can go, under what conditions, and in what state of undress, should be explained to you. These places can be daunting for newbies, but that is in your head.

Clubs are extremely friendly and low-pressure environments. Again, in my non-vast experience. I missed the passing grade by five points.

Join sex club

I misspelled and put a D in Pussy. Which clubs are you looking to ? Not sure why this would be a question if you look at the club websites. Keeping up with those cards is a bitch though.

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We just join sex club we were here x weeks ago. Never ever have been to one with restrictions on phones but also has never seemed to be an problem, everyone is respectful of your privacy in that regard. Never been on a new member tour or anything of the sort, but every time, someone knows your new right away and gives you a quick rundown. All have been BYOB but with ice, cups, mixers, water and soft drinks provided and you keep up with your own bottle, cooler, whatever. No one to tip, though there is normally some type of tip collection situation cup, whatever that I assume is split between everyone.

Never been to one with any type of locker situation that I noticed anyway. Everyone just kind of sets up in a particular location but mingling and worrying about your things, including alcohol, has never been an issue. Plenty of regulars that are ready to help out first timers without you asking. My experience anyway, all regions, locations, situations, people are different though. Unless it's some "exclusive club" with special rules, money is all it is. Most have websites that have addresses, costs, event schedules and rules dress codes and asking for consent.

Some clubs allow a cheap one day membership fee for those visiting from far away while others require at least a one month membership. Join sex club the process of ing a sex club involve? Posted by 2 years ago. Sort by: best. In my not vast experience 3 clubs : Clubs have websites, which are typically pretty informative, what to expect, fees, dress code, BYOB, whether or when single guys are present, etc. The better clubs will have mandatory newbie orientations. Show up and pay them money. How much money? Continue this thread. More posts from the Swingers community.

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