Gay snapchat users tumblr

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Time Out wants to double-down on video content creation and has earmarked Tumblr, Facebook and Snapchat to help it both scale and monetize the content it creates. This strategy of using platforms to help scale audiences is a common go-to move for publishers, but the jury is still out on whether that can result in meaningful revenue for them. But Penzer is keen to tap into the e-commerce potential by making the articles it runs on Instant transactional.

For example, an Instant Article on the Top 10 Things to do in London this weekend provides links with each entry to a commerce partner so people can book or buy directly. Lately, it has reasserted itself by staking its claim in the video streaming space with Tumblr Live Video.

Gay snapchat users tumblr

Time Out is one of its launch partners, and the only one with headquarters outside the U. It has streamed content related to its Global Bar Program award for the best bars across five major cities and included videos demonstrating how to make drinks. As part of its City Life program, it will stream quirky new features within big cities. Time Out will stream that exclusively for Tumblr Live. We want to bring that to life through these platforms like Tumblr. Time Out plans content around major tentpole events like the global Gay Pride festival.

Gay snapchat users tumblr

Vigils were carried out around the world for those who died and their families. One of the scenes captured was of people voguing in the streetwhich generatedviews. Time Out then streamed a lot of content via Facebook Live for the global Gay Pride festival, which followed gay snapchat users tumblr after. It brought in LGBT influencers, such as British drag queen Jodie Harsh, on some of the videos, like this one filmed from a floatwhich generated 44, views reachingpeople.

One of the obstacles in getting on that particular ladder has been the fact that Snapchat tends to go for mainstream content publishers like the Mail, The Sun and Sky News over the likes of Time Out, with its city-specific content, according to Penzer. But conversations are ongoing. It is a Snapchat Sponsored Stories partner, though, so it has had several takeovers: one with American singer Josh Groban, covering red carpet and backstage at the Tony Awards for Time Out, and a series of exclusive content pieces with British presenter James Corden.

Some of its most successful snaps were around the global Gay Pride festival. Penzer said it received 54 percent more engagement on its Pride snaps than any Snapchat activity. Google elaborated on its timeline for killing off third-party cookies as part of its promises to the UK's antitrust authority.

Gay snapchat users tumblr

The Network Advertising Initiative's new privacy control is intended to stop -based audience matching — often referred to as onboarding. This week's Media Briefing looks at how the pandemic and the cookie's eventual demise have created the conditions for the programmatic ad market that publishers have been pushing for, with a shift to private buying coinciding with prices pushing past pre-pandemic levels.

As the ad tech industry rewires itself around the contours of privacy, supply-side platforms are reinventing themselves again. July 8, by Jessica Davies. Most Read. The Programmatic Marketer.

Gay snapchat users tumblr

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Gay snapchat users tumblr

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Gay snapchat users tumblr Gay snapchat users tumblr

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