Financial domination chat

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You will already be aware that you are not equal to women. Just being here proves that.

Financial domination chat

You know that you exist only to serve your female superiors. There is no disputing that. Many slaves can serve in ways such as foot worship, kissing her ass, performing domestic duties, being her toy to play with whenever she gets bored etc.

One of their favourite ways though is through financial domination. You will basically become a human atm. A paypig. A walking wallet whose sole purpose is to keep the cash flowing to your Princess or Mistress, even if that means you need to heavily sacrifice luxuries for yourself such as heating, food and clothing. You will be financially drained to keep her in the lifestyle she deserves. All Mistresses have expensive tastes and lifestyles but why should they have to use their own money to fund it? They have useless wastes of skin slaves financial domination chat that.

Subs who are so pathetic that the only way they will ever get the attention of a gorgeous woman is if she is abusing them and taking their money. Financial domination is not paying for a session or paying to be abused. Findom as it is more commonly known is where you receive nothing back in return for all the money you payout.

Financial domination chat

You do not get encouraged, you get instructed in how much to pay. That is what makes you a money slave. Using findom slavery requires some serious commitment. Many financial slaves THINK they want to be financial domination chat pigs but conveniently lose their internet connection when it comes time to pay up.

They are wannabes who enjoy the fantasy but can not afford the reality or are too tight. The only way you can be called a money slave if you are one such tightwad is if you get involved in short term financial domination. This is a one-off payment that you will still feel but does not involve the long term commitment of constantly paying out huge chunks of your wages to your Princess. With long term findom, Mistress will take careful note of your income and outgoings and then allocate a large portion of it to herself which you are obligated to pay.

This will, of course, involve you sacrificing luxuries. Nights out, good food, cable tv, your car etc will all need to go. She will work out your basic requirements and then take the rest for herself. So many females think that being a money Mistress is easy and a golden ticket where submissive men throw money at you for doing nothing.

Financial domination chat

They have not got the first clue about BDSM and female domination and even less about this particular fetish. They think they log on and watch the money grow. Truth be told, this is an incredibly complex need and fetish which must be treated properly. With that being said, you need a proper findom webcam site which has live Dommes online who can give you exactly what you are after.

Financial domination chat

There are hundreds of Dominas on this site and each one is an expert in financial domination and know exactly how to handle it and you. Some will use fantasy blackmail roleplay to force you to hand over your money with the threat of being exposed to your wife or friends.

Some will get inside your head, find out all your little perversions, kinks, secrets and fetishes and then use them against you. Some will make you a slave contract to ensure your continued payments. Whilst a good slave will hand over everything he is instructed too, a good Mistress will also keep a regular eye on her submissives finances and take the absolute maximum she can without going over the line and taking too much this is also applicable to her subs mental well being.

This is what separates the wannabe Mistresses from the pro-dommes who live the lifestyle and know-how financial domination chat conduct a real femdom scenario. Creativity is key to making sure things are always kept fresh and thanks to financial domination chat sadistic imaginations and cruel tendencies of the Dommes online at this site you will quickly find out that they are always able to come up with new and different ways of making you suffer and handing over your w of cash willingly and with little more than a whimper.

Even if you want a total financial ruination scenario, this can be arranged. Do not be fooled by their smiles and pleasant nature. This is nothing but a ruse to lull you into a false sense of security. Once they have you in their hand and are able to pull your strings you will be trapped like a spider in a web with nowhere to go and with no choice but to hand over everything and suffer the consequences for being so weak and spineless.

You will hand over every penny demanded of you and you want to know why? You cant get a woman like her based on your piece of wood personality so you know you have to pay to keep her entertained and have her deem you worthy of being around. Being financially dominated is your only chance with these superior females and they know it and will use it to their full advantage.

Financial domination chat

So get your wallet out pay pig. Time for you to become a walking atm for your cash money Princess and pay your dues.

Financial domination chat

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