Erotic bisex stories

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Bisexuality is the sexual orientation which refers to the sexual desire for individuals of either gender or of either sex. Bisexual people fall between the two extremes of homosexuality and heterosexuality. Bisexuals are not necessarily attracted equally to both genders.

Erotic bisex stories

Our bisexual stories will appeal to people who are curious about exploring this side of their sexuality. I was looking for a first experience, they were wanting someone eager to learn. Clank clank was the sound of my spoon as it tapped the inside of the coffee cup I'd been nursing for the last twenty minutes.

Erotic bisex stories

There always seems to be more pressure on the last to arrive, especially when meeting someone you've never seen before, so I made sure I was early. A few photos had been exchanged, but could one be confident they were true to life in this situation. They probably Read On. Driving down the road, sitting in the driver's seat, your newest best friend, Patricia, is going on tour with you.

Erotic bisex stories

It's just the best of fun to go out on the backro and explore places you have never been when the weather permits. You smile as her fingers reach across to eagerly caress your hard-on. He is always out and free when the two of you are alone together. You've not been Mature, senior official in state government explores his bisexual yearnings. Olivia and I met after college, and erotic bisex stories have had a wonderful marriage, raising a son and a daughter who are now out on their own. Jeff grabbed his dick out of his shorts and held it out like a squirtgun. You do not. Just burgers, nothing fancy.

We were more than buddies, actually, although we were Katie plans on enjoying a night with Suzie while her boyfriend is working. Katie stood beside her car in the parking lot of Fantasy World, the local adult superstore not too far from her apartment.

It was part of a surprise for her roommate, Suzie. Suzie was a lesbian that Katie and her boyfriend, Anthony, had met in the local coffee shop. Suzie had approached the erotic bisex stories a few times to take their order and offer refills, and it had been Anthony who had told Katie Todd was a Vietnam veteran, recently back from the war. He was going to college on the GI bill. He had taken a part-time job driving a school bus.

He had a high school route and a grade school route in the morning, then he had his classes. After class, he had the same routes going home, only the grade school route followed by the high school route. Then he usually would have the opportunity I wake to the bright sunshine sneaking between the curtains in my luxurious hotel suite.

I slowly open my eyes and savor my sexy recurring dream. In the dream, she writhes and pants aching for more. Her beautiful face exposes her passion as my tongue flicks over and in her sweet pussy. She cries out, bucking her hips, my fingers curling into her and pushing on her spot. Over and over, I play Jeff's girlfriend Tammi seduces me. In front of him. Orgasms - and complications - ensue. As I finished college, I wondered if I could pick up with Jeff where we'd left off. Last summer we'd gone from old high school buddies to best friends - with blowjobs. Although we spent most of our spare time together, watching TV, or playing tennis or golf, or riding our bikes around, just two best friends hanging out, the cumming-in-each-other's-mouths business had started to change Nicola and Dave discuss what happened at the next Christmas party and beyond Before the film had finished, Nicola had fallen asleep with her head in my lap and after laughing to myself, I fell asleep stroking her hair.

The only thing that was stiff when I woke up was my neck. The following morning over breakfast I told Nicola about the new employee. I knew better. Martin, a man I work with, had invited me to come over and have drinks with him and his wife, Maya, many times. And every single time until last night, I managed to say no. But I guess my curiosity got the better of me. I suspected drinks meant so much more, and I was right.

This morning my body aches like it never has, and all I can think about is going back for more. I was We made mostly small talk for a while until Without hesitation, Martin elected to live with Alf, his father.

Erotic bisex stories

Alf had always been a fun-loving, gregarious individual, whom Martin adored. In the preceding years before the divorce, everyone knew that Alf fucked around. I a mature men's group in my church, and learn the joy of sucking cocks and eating cum. Gwynn, my wife of almost thirty years, and I have lived in the Atlanta area our whole lives. By the time I turned fifty-two years old, and Gwynn was fifty, she noticed how depressed and bored I seemed to be at times Chapter 5 We lay in a tangle catching our breath and playing with each other.

Erotic bisex stories

We all headed to the bathroom to pee and shit and shower. I know the house had a big water heater, but after so long it did run out, so the cold water finally drove us out after a good time was had by all. When I got home on Sunday erotic bisex stories, I greeted my parents and sister. I took care of my things, putting my dirty clothes in the washing machine and a bag of fillets in the freezer.

I decided to wait before starting the washer until after I showered. I finished in the bathroom dressed in sweat pants and a tee-shirt, then went downstairs. Mom called me into the kitchen, telling me dinner Did I just get lucky enough to be with two women in one night?

Make it three I had just slept with two lovely women: fleshy Indian-American beauty Lena, and her athletically built roommate Val. I had been lying in bed with Lena when Val came home expectedly - and, not knowing I was there, accidentally revealed to me that their friendship had extra benefits.

Erotic bisex stories

We ended up having fantastic three-way sex, collapsing in a pile on Val's bed. Then, moments later, we heard Mary loved visiting a rough bar close to the docks. The men frequenting the place invariably appealed to her. Mary was average-looking, but had two puppies in her blouse that usually drove the men she preferred wild with lust. Large as her tits were, they were absolutely beautiful.

Mary loved well-endowed males but never responded rudely when men were not up to scratch. She always let After kissing them both, I headed up to the bedroom to tidy up and change the sheets on my king-size bed. While I'd hoped that they would stay, I never really considered that they would. And with so much prep already going into the perfect day, I hadn't taken the time to change my sheets. Within erotic bisex stories minutes, everything looked as good as new. Walking back into the living room, I was about Added: 19 May Category: Bisexual Words: 2, Tags: oral anal straight seduction threesomes love triangle 9 Comments.

Tammy was a good Catholic girl, but it took a nasty nun to realize her wildest dream. Tammy turned and pulled into the college parking lot in front of her dorm.

Erotic bisex stories

She had chosen Blessed Sainthood College for Women. She was so excited and ready for adventures, football games, and picking a sorority. Little did she know that the sorority was going to pick her. She was so happy to be away from her parents and on her own. She was so excited to be there that she had From: marimclain8 zyx.

My dearest Rene, After your last mail and the follow-up text, letting you into my secrets may read disappointingly dry and barren. So, before I set to it, I want to tell you how much your snatch-shot delighted me. Rene, have still the sexiest, delectably kissable,

Erotic bisex stories

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