Dating someone with a foot fetish

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Guest writer Katy weighs in on her personal experience with dating a man who she suspects has a foot fetish. I quickly learned there was way more involved in dating a man with a refined foot fetish. As quoted from stylesbylife. He wrote about fetishism in Ellis specifically mentioned the foot as a possible object of sexual desire. Over time, the phrase moved from clinical settings to the popular consciousness. Bythere was a shoe store in New York named Foot Fetish. Indeed, people who like to buy shoes for non-sexual reasons may joke about having a foot fetish. We ended up being set up and went on a first date which seemed to turn out well because we started texting almost every day.

After 2 days, the first s that he had a fetish came out. Rick then asked if I could paint them black because that was what he liked. At the point, I sarcastically said that he must indeed have a foot fetish and would love if my toes could be painted black when we met up on our next date. He agreed! Katy has made her love interest comfortable enough to share his foot fetish desires with her. This will allow her the opportunity to explore if this is a fetish she could sink her feet into, Katy reveals the next phase in this roller coaster of exploration.

I always suggest exploring a fetish with a partner or potential partner whenever possible! Rick was over the moon when I showed up and he saw my pretty little black toes and rewarded me with a deep foot massage that night. Rick even mentioned that he would love to paint my toes for me sometime and I began to think I had hit the jackpot, free foot massages, and pedicures!

Unfortunately, it quickly became apparent that there was a lot more involved in his fetish. After our third date, Rick asked if I had access to cast material being that I worked in the medical field. I told him that I did but why was he asking? He then informed me that he had acquired a pair of crutches and it would be really hot if I could place a cast on my leg but keep my toes exposed and hop around on the crutches!

In an interview from the U. Not all men prefer perfectly manicured toes, some like the natural look of the worn polish. I firmly told him no and he let it go, but pretty much every time we talked it was mainly dating someone with a foot fetish how were my feet? Could I take another photo and send it to him?

On our fourth date, he showed up to dinner with the crutches and asked if I could just use them for a little bit. I told him no, left, and even though he begged I never went out with him again. Fetishes are very complex and I know my experience is not what everyone will experience but I do think it is very important that when someone mentions a fetish you explore what that really means. In the end, it was a huge part of our very short relationship and it was just not something that was right for me.

Unzipped Intentions Founder Tiffany Grace weighs in:. To be fair, this particular foot fetish did morph into more of a sub-fetish of the attraction to a disability. Some men simply want to worship your feet with pampering manicures or massages.

Foot erotica can be an enjoyable experience for both if you are on the same. Perhaps the foot play does not have a sexual effect on youbut it might have a very relaxing and sensual effect. Similar to how you might respond to a back massage. I have been made aware of many fetishes over the years, foot fetishes are actually much more common than you may think.

It can be fun and exciting to experience the fetish of another if you are willing to explore and why not?! I urge you to ensure that you are very clear with your sexual partner on your boundaries. Never go along with any sexual fetish or act that makes you uncomfortable and you must voice this immediately with your partner. However, do be open to the ideas you are comfortable exploring as you never know what might become your dating someone with a foot fetish exciting sexual endeavor. Pin 1.

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Dating someone with a foot fetish

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The perks of dating a man with a foot fetish