Dating a construction worker

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Dating a construction worker

Would you date a construction worker? Thread starter jazzyjazzjaz Start date Sep 30, You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

ed May 10, Messages Reactions 2, Alleybux 18, I and my boyfriend got into a heated discussion once because I said I would not date a construction worker. Now for some context, I'm educated, in college, whereas my boyfriend is a blue-collar worker. Secretly I don't like that he's blue-collar, but he has plans to open a business so I roll with it for now.

Dating a construction worker

I said I wouldn't date a construction worker because I doubt they make enough money for me to be happy with on a combined income, plus people who are construction workers likely are not educated, and it's hard work and their bodies break down and age faster. Sorry if that comes off rude, but it's just my specific dating preference. He felt that I was being elitist but imo, he was just butthurt because he's blue-collar too. If dating a construction worker was educated or had a better job I think he'd understand why I'd want someone on my level.

What do y'all think? ed Feb 20, Messages Reactions 15, 99 14 Alleybux 8, Yes, I would. ed Apr 15, Messages 9, ReactionsAlleybux 0. ed Sep 7, Messages 8, Reactions 97, 59 Alleybux 39, ed Aug 29, Messages 45, Reactions2, Alleybux 22, Personally, no I would not.

BiBlakbeauty said:. Click to expand ed Aug 1, Messages 16, Reactions4, 2, Alleybux 17, If they make legal money, who cares what they do? If the money supports the family, legal, who cares? Some ppl block blessing over shallow qualities. You can go to college and be in construction. But you don't HAVE to. Liz Moisoigne. ed Apr 28, Messages 38, Reactions6, 16, Alleybux 0. Jmills said:.

Liz Moisoigne said:. ed Sep 4, Messages Reactions 2, 24 2 AlleybuxI like professional businessmen who work in offices etc. Well it's your prerogative to filter out people for certain reasons.

Dating a construction worker

Is it shallow to not date a great person because they're not attractive to you? You know. I feel like it's fair. I'm really pushing him to open a business that he just does as a hobby right now. It feels kind of selfish, but I won't lie I live nicely because of my parent's jobs and I guess I want a similar lifestyle.

He knows this. I also plan on making good money but I don't want to be the sole breadwinner. But you are dating him and you don't like it.

Dating a construction worker

If he doesn't start the business, then what? You dump and waste his time bc he decided to stay working in construction instead of opening a business? ed Apr 19, Messages 6, Reactions 38, Alleybux 77, Not unless he was college-educated and we shared similar educational backgrounds and many other commonalities that met my criteria. They are more often conservative, bootstrapp-y and vote GOP.

And other aspects of a lack of higher education that would negatively affect my desired relationship and household dynamic. I focused on the bigger picture. The relationship dynamic as a whole.

Dating a construction worker

There were numerous other components that I prioritized that excluded certain demographics. Nothing wrong with that. How they treat you as a whole and not just money. Money is no substitute for genuine love and affection. High standards are a good thing. ed Apr 18, Messages 12, Reactions 64, 1, 1, AlleybuxNo, I'm only 21 so there's time.

I date for serious relationships only and we are very serious. The only secret I'm hiding is that I don't like his job. However, he knows that I really want him to open up this business and he's interested in the business too. Also, if we decide to have I want to feel financially comfortable. If we decide to buy a house he needs to have a better job so we can afford a nice house in a nice neighborhood.

He can do better. ed Nov 23, Messages 2, Reactions 7, 54 Alleybux 46, No I feel you, thank you for this advice. Another font just got onto me about it but I didn't mention he's a great man to have around. He dating a construction worker me so well. That's why I'm dating him. I'd prefer him to have another job but it isn't a dealbreaker, just something I don't personally like.

I'm more concerned with marrying for love than marrying for money. I just want to be financially comfortable because neither of us is rich and so marriage will be a financial institution for us as well as romantic one. ed Aug 24, Messages 2, Reactions 16, Alleybux 33, Currently I'm dating a man in the navy.

Dating a construction worker

I tried to avoid military men but we just happened to click very well. I graduated college he on the other hand dropped out his sophomore year. He has a brilliant mind knowing many subjects ranging from various sciences to history, English, he's currently trying to learn Japanese.

Just because they as in construction workers, Blue Collar workers,ect didn't follow the same path as you or have a different job then you, doesn't mean that they aren't educated. ed Mar 15, Messages 1, Reactions 4, 47 20 Alleybux 42, Sunshine22 said:. But you don't actually want someone on "your level" since you're wasting your time on potential.

When you graduate, your opportunity to find the men on your imagined level decreases. Don't make this mistake. Start putting yourself out there and seek a high value partner with an established path and not potential if you really believe that you're high value. I'm sure you don't even talk much about your bf to your college friends because you don't want to bring up what he does for a living.

Dating a construction worker

Cut your losses and allow home to find the right one for him and you do the same for yourself. LaDiDaDipt3 said:. I advocate for women to get their own and that will in turn give you different perspective and what you want snd options. I'm entering the workforce soon so depending on how that goes I'll have a better idea of how important this is to me.

I'll also better understand how far my money can go. Maybe him and I can have the lifestyle and things I want on our future income. We'll see. How old is he? ed Apr 30, Messages 20, Reactions1, Alleybux 38, Yes if he had some sense.

He is a worker and knows how to do shi! Some have companies some are just contractors etc. dating a construction worker Oct 10, Messages 2, Reactions 9, 44 52 Alleybuxed Dec 25, Messages 8, Reactions 69, 5, 1, Alleybux 59, You must log in or register to reply here. Similar thre S. Locked Would you ever date a co-worker?

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Dating a construction worker

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