Cream pie fetish

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The visual aspect is highly prized when engaging in a cream pie cumshot. Cream pie is a fetish among different sexualities and genders, it just requires a penis, or penis substitute that ejaculates and an anus or vagina to engage in this act. In this regard, the internal cum shot implies a level of ownership over the receptive partner. Another sex act related to cream pie is felching.

Felching cream pie can be a part of a domination cream pie fetish, where the dom forces the sub to lick or eat their own semen out of the oriface after cumming. Cream pie and felching can also play a part in cuckold scenes, where the cuck is forced to suck the ejaculate out. Because of the risks of sharing sexual fluids, it is recommended cream pie be performed among fluid-bonded partners. thousands receiving hot new sex related articles, goodies, and great deals. Cream pie is one of those sex terms that actually describes a very basic aspect of sex in a new way. It is a common end result of penetrative sex even when contraception is being used.

However, since the advent of condoms, stopping that flow has become more pronounced. In the beginning, condoms were specifically created for contraception. Recent decades have seen condoms also become the preferred barrier method to avoid the spread of sexually transmitted infections as well as continuing to reduce the chance of pregnancy.

Because of the HIV crisis in the s, condom use was heavily promoted, and people who have come to be sexually active since then have often grown up using condoms frequently, if not always. Not everybody embraced condoms, but a ificant did. As so many people became used to sex with condoms, a new genre of pornography offering something entirely different arose in the early s.

Cream pie scenes following barrier-free ejaculation became a very popular genre because cumming inside another person had become a taboo sex act. Some find the risk and danger sexually stimulating. This was a massive change in the production of porn. The belief was that if the orgasm was not seen, then there was no way the viewer would fully believe it had happened. Barrier-free ejaculation, in porn and in real life, always carries a risk of passing sexually transmitted infections between partners—and the likelihood increases in cream pie instances.

Cream pie is also referred to as an internal cum shot. More About Creampie Below. Thank you for subscribing to our cream pie fetish All Articles. Lets Talk About It. Real Sex Explained Using Food. More About Creampie Cream pie is one of those sex terms that actually describes a very basic aspect of sex in a new way. Latest Sex Positions. Reclined Crouching Tiger Position.

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Cream pie fetish

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