Chastity play

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So, you want to try a chastity device? Or maybe your partner wants you to wear one? So many people jump into chastity without really knowing what to expect or what the best way to do things is. Here is a brief ten point plan for chastity joy:. It is also common to see people trying chastity device to prevent porn addiction. Coping with a chastity device is a big change in itself.

Chastity play

Try abstaining for a few days, first. My first denial period was for two weeks and I was fine. In fact, you might not know which size is best until you actually try one. If the back ring is the wrong size however, it will either chafe a lot, slip off or, worse still, prevent blood flow and cause injuries. If you can afford to buy a device with many rings then I recommend doing so. These are the most common, most practical and the cheapest option. So which device is for you?

Chastity play

But which style? There are many different des, each of which has its own pros and cons. Steel devices that are often chrome plated are relatively cheap, but will rust over time. Stainless steel devices are a little more expensive and titanium is even more so.

Chastity play

On the plus side, there are many manufacturers that can craft you a completely custom de for an absolutely perfect fit out of the metal of your choice, but these are expensive. To start off with, unless taking it off to clean every few days is completely out of the question for example, if you have an online keyholderan enclosed device with plenty of different sizing options is probably best, at least until you know the exact size you need when you can then order a custom device, if you so choose.

This means that you still need some self discipline. Too many people buy chastity devices and just put them on, expecting them to work perfectly without any extra work. This is like buying a huge anal dildo and just ramming it home without any lube, expecting nothing bad to happen.

Preparation can make a huge difference. Sure, it looks sexy to be completely smooth when wearing a device. Cropped hair will prevent it from becoming tangled up in the device and being pulled accidentally. It will also provide a small amount of protection from the back ring to help prevent chafing.

One other thing to do before you slip it on is to apply lube. I find water based lube to be the easiest and most mess free solution. Something thick, like Sliquid Organics, will work well. Applying a little lube to your skin will enable the device to move freely, which is what you want.

I know it may seem very hot to buy a device then simply hand over the key chastity play your partner or Mistress. Sadly, they are just chastity play. Try it first for a short period of time an hour for example. After an hour or two is up, take the device off and give your skin a break for a while you can always put it back on again afterwards.

Chastity play

During the first period with it on, regularly assess how you feel. When you have calmed down, which may take a while, you will settle down to normal. This is the size you need to be measuring for. When everything is calm, check that the ring is the right size.

If you have many rings then you can change it, if necessary. Once you have the right size, you can begin to increase the time you wear it for. Apply plenty of lube beforehand and try to sleep. Laying there and hoping it will go away soon may seem like the easiest option, but it never works.

The best thing you can do is to go for a walk around. If you can manage to go to the bathroom, that will help as well. A full bladder can apply pressure to the prostate, which is one cause of night time erections.

Going to the bathroom will alleviate this and simply walking around will help you go flaccid again in no time at all. Laying still will just take too long and can be quite painful. If you do find you cannot go back to sleep, give yourself a break, remove chastity play device and try again the following evening.

Even though the thought of a single key dangling around the ankle of your Mistress may be the very reason you entered into chastity, keep a spare key at the beginning, or at least have a quick way to break free of the device should you need to in an emergency. There are many ways to do this and still keep secure. You could use those plastic, tamper-proof, single use locks. A spare key in a small key safe can be a good idea. You can ask your keyholder to their name across the seal, for added peace of mind. Of course, if you have a polycarbonate device like a CB and are strong, in an absolute emergency you may be able to snap the rods holding the chastity play to the back ring.

This can become expensive however, and quite dangerous. Keeping a spare key is the best way forward, at least initially, until you are completely confident you can wear your device indefinitely. It may be that you take to the device exceptionally well. I know I was so keen to be locked in chastity that I slept with it on immediately and just pushed through the awkwardness of the first few nights with very little sleep. Keep pushing forward and, with a bit of effort, you should be sleeping through the night and able to wear your device indefinitely except for cleaning after a week or two.

This is the most important point. Chastity is fun! If you need any motivation, think about how pleased your keyholder will be with you. Think about how amazing your next orgasm will be, how intense it will feel to ejaculate after such a long time. When I started, I used to think about orgasms and being teased. After two or three weeks in a device I feel amazing. Let me tell you this: This is where the real fun begins! Now everybody starts off as a fantasist. The idea of being in chastity, of being denied an orgasm for months on end is probably a huge turn on, enough of a turn on that you probably masturbate thinking about chastity play every night.

Chastity play

I wear a business suit every day with a chastity device underneath. I train in a public gym and shower with it on. Just bite the bullet, wear your device full time and hand over your key. Being in chastity is physically immense fun, but this is multiplied many times over by actually being controlled by another. Are you willing to take it to the next stage, buy a device and then finally hand over your key…? Share on Facebook. Tweet it.

Chastity play

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Chastity play

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