Balloon fetish women

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Maggy BerLoon, 31, says part of the thrill of having sex with balloons is knowing they could pop at any moment. A woman has revealed her unusual fetish for balloons, explaining the ways she uses them as sex toys and to have sex on top of. Maggy BerLoon not her real name, obviouslystarted experimenting with the inflatables over a decade ago after meeting husband Jan, balloon fetish women describes it as "a hell lot of bouncy fun". The year-old said that pleasure seekers, known as 'Looners', enjoy the balloons in many ways, whether they're normal size, much larger and in all sorts of shapes.

Maggy, from Solingen, Germany, said there is an added thrill that comes from knowing the balloon could pop at any moment - and wants people to embrace this lesser known desire. Balloons might burst anytime, unwanted or provoked. She added that those who are particularly aroused by balloons popping call themselves 'poppers', those who hate the burst are 'non-poppers'. She is opening up about the world of balloon fetishes in the hope of educating strangers and empowering other Looners who can feel they are "alone". Maggy explains that when talking to openly to others about the fetish, people will often laugh or struggle to take her seriously.

While she concedes the thought of a balloon fetish is amusing, she also hopes people can keep balloon fetish women minds about the desires of others. Maggy said: "Most people are just naturally surprised and have tons of questions, since they never heard of it before or never had the chance to talk with someone about it.

She added that sometimes people seem interested at first but end up "making silly jokes". Maggy and her husband Jan post images online showing the balloons and to try to bring greater awareness of the fetish and to reduce the stigma surrounding it. She said she felt inspired to "come out of the closet" to show pictures which she and her husband produced. Maggy hopes the fetish will no longer be a taboo one day, as we are "better off" without being so judgemental of one another. By Robyn Darbyshire Audience Writer. Don't miss Coleen's weekly newsletter Invalid Something went wrong, please try again later.

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Balloon fetish women

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Hot air! Woman defends unusual fetish of having sex with balloons – even though people online consider it ‘weird’