Ageplay fetish

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The unexplored taboos we accept are generally regarded as healthy boundaries and held onto for pretty sound reasons. C learly negotiating consent between adults is the central pillar to how safely and sanely exploring limits and taboos works. But, asides aside, lets talk about this Age Play kink thing already! Age Play is an interesting kink on a lot of levels. Obviously it touches on a taboo that many people may feel intensely about engaging in even just conceptually for psychological, emotional, or experiential reasons.

Here are some of my thoughts on the subject in light of age play being a kink one might WANT to engage in:. So what exactly IS this Age Play you speak of? You can age play as older or as a younger age than you actually are. Why would you want to engage in age play? For every person who engages in age play there is a different reason to play: Maybe you want to explore regressing back to a time when things were simpler and where you feel cared for by someone else — to be responsible for nothing and taken care of completely.

Maybe you want to push some limits and play the part of the bad-girl teenager you were too innocent to have enacted in real life, or you want to revisit the scenario of having sex for the first time with your High School sweetheart or with some archetype of a kid in class you never found the courage to befriend. Maybe you really get off on the idea of role playing in general and being a different or defined age really appeals ageplay fetish you. Perhaps there is something a little ageplay fetish personal or therapeutic in your interest — some people may want to reenact a traumatic event they experienced when they were younger to try and claim pleasure or safety in the situation by choosing it as an adult.

Or maybe you want to overcome the fears a particular scenario evokes by exploring it with trusted and safe play partners. Maybe you love the way dressing up and acting like a little kid or like a responsible and caring parental figure looks and feels like. Maybe the idea of being spanked or disciplined as if you were appeals, or the sensation of wearing onsies or diapers or sucking your thumb and carrying a blankie is comforting.

Maybe just the idea of being older in the scene is an exciting or confidence inspiring prospect. As ageplay fetish can see, there are so many ways to enter into age play territory, and so many opportunities to get different things from the experience. How does one approach Age Play? There are a lot of different activities and types of play in this realm. You could be a teenager sneaking out of the house without her parents knowing and get caught by the cops. Do you want your play to be sexual or strictly sensual or neither childhood games and simple care-taking activities?

Kink explorations run the gamut for different people. Some people really separate the sex out of their kink and see the two as different things that they engage in at different times; often even with different sets of people. Some people are open to acknowledging a certain level of sexual energy which might develop in a scenario, and if it makes sense or comes about organically will keep the option to play sexually on the table. Engaging in clear pre-scene negotiation that includes a conversation about sexual boundaries, STI status, barrier preferences, other partner s and any pre-existing agreements, and clearly consenting or not consenting to various forms of sexual ageplay fetish are great points to hit on before actually engaging in play.

However, by talking it through beforehand and having the courage to state the kind of play you are interested in, saying your goals out loud, and describing how you want to feel and what that might look like will get you far closer to a scenario that works for everyone involved. That, and practice makes perfect! Do I look younger than 35? I am thinking young! So Karin, What were your experiences with this particular kink like? However, what I discovered as I thought more deeply about it, is that a couple of my tried and true fantasies absolutely contain an age-based power dynamic within them.

The more I considered those fantasies, the more I realized they were a great opportunity to explore age play for me.

Ageplay fetish

So, I set it up. The actual experience of the journey was an interesting one, and I got a lot out of it.

Ageplay fetish

Final thoughts: The scene could have gone further, but I enjoyed the exploration a lot and would love to try it again. All in all it was a pretty successful evening of fun with a great play date where I got to try out something new. Where can I learn more? Really clear discussions about the subject and ideas about how to play are laid out in short video clips by Lee HarringtonPenny BarberDomina Alexandra Snowand other well spoken and fun to learn from educators. I suggest checking that site out for a lot of educational ideas on how to play.

There may be local meet-ups for people who are into age play or identify as Littles. Talk ageplay fetish a partner and read this blog together! Maybe just the suggestion of trying something out will lead you to discover new fun games to play. These are all great places to start, and this blog is a very basic introduction to the idea of age play — there is so much more out there.

Have fun talking to your friends, lovers, partners, and playmates. Thank you in advance. If you like my blog, please check out my Patreon and consider supporting me, or just : Support the Artist. The former is a sexual preference, while the latter is an illegal practice that harms ageplay fetish who cannot consent. In age-play, the consenting, adult sexual partners act an age different from their own, for various reasons: those who act younger may want to be cared for, or disciplined or simply play an age that they feel most familiar with.

Ageplay fetish

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Ageplay fetish

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Ageplay fetish

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Ageplay fetish

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