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How these these things always end up so long… I have no idea. Both are incredibly popular right now in fiction and in the scene, but many seem to think they are the same thing. To start with… did you know there were two kinds of Daddies? There are, and it confuses a lot of people, which is why they tend to think anything with a Daddy also involves ageplay. But please age play kink that these relationships are not inherently hetero, or male dominated.

Daddy or Daddy? Oh no! How will we know what to expect! Well, the first type of Daddy is just a regular somewhat Dominant lover. The second kind of Daddy is a caretaker or parental type of Age play kink who takes on the role of a guardian to a submissive or childlike adult partner. One partner sees the other as Dominant and wants to submit to them in a sexy way. Whereas Daddy has a more familial, loving tone. You will find plenty of relationships like this where there is no ageplay at all.

Daddy kink is not ageplay. Sometimes the two go together in the way that spanking and bondage often go together, but they are very different things that just happen to overlap. Daddy kink tends to be inherently sexual and is often tied to the bedroom. It can be, again for some people, but many people with a Daddy kink are pretty vanilla in terms of what they like. It often includes rules and discipline.

This relationship can be sexual, or it can be platonic. It can be vanilla or include BDSM activities like spanking. There is usually ageplay involved but not always. This kind of activity is usually considered a kink, but only because kink is a bit of an umbrella term. For instance, you might get turned on by spanking your Little, but the act of having a Little, or doing Caretaker activities is not a turn on. Ageplay : Roleplaying at an age different from your own, usually younger.

Sometimes much younger. The normal ageplay range is from baby to teenager. Misconceptions about ageplay usually come about because people have an issue with a specific way to play and assume that to be the entire definition. Ageplay is not necessarily BDSM and may not include any kind of physical discipline. Plenty of vanilla people ageplay for relaxation. Some Littles will tell you that ageplay is an entirely different thing from what they do, because ageplay can be turned on and off.

Roleplay is a game that you can play and then walk away from. Whereas Littles tend to have a Little side all the time, even when its lurking in the background. And this is no different from a submissive wanting people to know they are always submissive, even when they have to be bossy at work. They take on the role of a parent in some ways, which can mean both disciplining and comforting. Daddy Doms usually have subs who are Littles. I say usually because you can age play kink that kind of Dom and have subs that are not Littles.

Sometimes this is not about BDSM, and for them they are actually just being a parent. The dominance is a natural kind of authority outside of a BDSM relationship in that case. From a DD you can usually expect rules to follow and punishment when you break them. You can also expect cuddles and attention. Having the mindset of a. It can be very powerful, and for some it can be healing. Many people who need Little space are people who feel like they never got a real childhood.

Age play kink

This is their chance to experience the love and safety that every child should have. In this state the world can feel a little scary. While in this mode the Little will probably want to do younger activities like coloring, watching cartoons, or playing with toys. Little : A fully adult person who spends a lot of time in ish hepace, especially when they are with their Big.

This may include playing with toys, cuddling stuffed animals, and coloring. Littles generally need extra care and affection. They can have a fragile mindset and be easily hurt.

Age play kink

While Littles may not always appear little, they generally consider it more of a lifestyle and part of who they are. They go to work, they raise kids, they have romantic relationships all while acting perfectly adult. Littles are not always age play kink BDSM. Ageplay is not always BDSM. AB : Adult Baby This is someone who ageplays as a baby. This almost always includes diapers and usually pacifiers and bottles. Little : Someone who regresses to the age of usually between the ages of The age might not be explicitly stated and may bounce around the whole range of ages age play kink to their mood.

Feeling older when they are more confident and needing more care when they are scared and slip into a younger mindset. Middle : A person who roleplays a pre-teen or teen. A lot of bratty subs tend to slip into this mindset though they may not actually see themselves as ageplaying.

Dark Little : Dark Littles are people who rp as or identify as a Little but with darker elements. This can include sex, incest, rape consensual fantasyand physical abuse. I think for some it can be a chance to work through childhood trauma in a more aggressive way. Perhaps to take agency of abuse they suffered. It can be extremely intense to see from the outside, so I can only imagine how intense it must be in the role. Dark ageplay can also include the Little doing bad things think Damien, or Nora from the Bad Seed in roleplay. Bullying other Littles, even fighting with Dominants and trying to take charge.

If you like ageplay because you want to reclaim your innocence and relax with crayons, then you probably want to stay far away from Dark ageplay. Maybe you found this while looking for some definitions because you were confused. And for some that difference is huge. It squicks them because they connect it with pedophilia or incest.

There is such a thing as incest play, but it usually goes along with Daddy Kink and not ageplay. It has nothing to do with how someone acts.

Age play kink

We all have a variety of roles we can put on and switching around is normal, but from the outside it blurs together. He is protective, caring, and concerned about Charlie. Like I could stop them! I like the idea of keeping it as Daddy Kink so that people can see the difference.

But on the other hand, I feel like Charlie could heal a bit from getting in touch with her younger self. And, ageplay or not, I think we all have younger selves inside of us trying to get out. No matter how jaded and world weary, there are always certain age play kink that make you squeal and just for a second your inner-child peaks out. Does that count as ageplay? No, not really. But what you feel and enjoy as you connect with the more innocent version of you, is a taste of what Littles and age players find when they drop into that hepace.

Ageplay is like a sneaky shortcut to that place.

Age play kink

When you have a Caretaker to keep you safe it can be a truly wonderful and healing thing. Littles can really let go of their outer shells when they have a safe place to be small. That hepace is more about emotion than facts and logic. So basically, when they are in that mode treat them like you would any child, except maybe with more variety in punishments, depending. Constant love and reassurance will be necessary for most of them, as well as a lot of patience. And I know a lot of Littles worry that taking care of them is too much.

I mean the perks of being a Daddy in bed are obvious, right? Hot sex and a partner who submits is reward by itself. For a Daddy or Big in a relationship with a Little the perks are mostly emotional.

Age play kink

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